Vicious Visions

During the summer and early autumn of 2018, we have had the pleasure of recovering this unique material by the Swedish band, Vicious Visions.

We have, in full collaboration with Bo Karlsson from the original band, digitally restored, mixed and mastered it, and the final result of our efforts is now being released.

Hope you’ll enjoy the result 🙂

”Vicious Visions: Retrodisrespect 1980-83

Vicious Visions’ 7″ single ”I Beat You” is a holy grail of punk, not just because of its’ limited run of only 109 copies, but also because it is a MONSTER of a hit. Formed in Halmstad, Sweden, Vicious Visions soon moved to Berlin and honed their craft in squats in the shadow of the iron curtain. They may come from the same city as Roxette, but their music has more in common with Suicide and The Stooges. With the band´s full cooperation the world finally gets to hear a full album of Vicious Visions.”


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Happy recordings

E. Helbl